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The quaint streets of Fort Worth, Texas

If you are watching one of the popular US TV series, you are probably aware of Fort Worth, the 5th largest city of Texas. This wealthy city has plenty to offer such as quaint streets, fascinating historic buildings and modern museums. Your urban excursions will never be boring, and please donít forget to bring your ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) Visa with you for an incredible and hassle free fun adventure.

There are practically plenty of stuff that you can do on Forth Worth but to make it easier for you; I listed the following list of itineraries but take note that you can always create your own, hence this is for your reading pleasure only.

One of the famous city attractions is the Stockyards Historic District. There are plenty of stuff to do here but you definitely get the feeling of how it was like in the wild west hundred years ago; think about live animals strolling the streets of the Texas Rodeo Hall of Fame and the nearby restaurants. Such a quaint set-up but the locals simply donít care about what you think and I kind of love it, the feeling of the exciting wild west. Today, itís a popular tourist spot graced by scenic stops such as the Grapevine Vintage Railroad and the Billy Bobís Texas Honky Tonk, Bar and Restaurant. Grab a seat and savor the fantastic wine and observe how the locals managed to preserve the classic warmth and friendly atmosphere of old wild west.

If you have kids traveling with you, donít forget to visit the world-class Fort Worth Zoo exhibiting various animals from apes, tigers, lions and even elephants. The expansive zoo is complete with amenities from cafes and restaurants so you will never go hungry inside; it is kind of a complete tour package. Mind the crowd though since thereís quite a lot of foot traffic here to the dismay of the sleepy lions staring at you. Well, if you get bored, you can throw some bananas to the monkeys and they will simply mock you or throw some chickens to crocodiles but be careful not to be their scrumptious lunch.

If you simply want to unwind, visit the popular Japanese styled Botanical Garden of the city. It also comes with various exhibits hosting countless floral species. However, Iím simply thrilled by the zen like experience of gazing at the surreal pond with delicate flowers, towering bamboos and the playful koi fish. Once you stroll the garden grounds, you will simply lose track of time so be sure to keep track of your schedule if youíre following a guided tour.

There is more walking at the Sundance Square where you can find the eclectic backdrop of a classical town complete with shops, bars and restaurants. Savor the quaint feel of the brick-paved sidewalks and the fascinating historic buildings nearby. At night the Sundance Square feels like old Paris, well lit and vibrant; no wonder why it is often the center where various outdoor events are hosted such as concerts and art festivals.

Have fun.

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