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Can Driving to the Airport Really Rival the Ease of Public Transport?

If you are used to travelling to the airport by public transport and have never considered driving, then you might like to take a look into the option of taking your car next time you catch a flight.

Taking the train can have huge benefits, I am thinking of relaxing during your journey, being able to catch up on emails or even reading a good book and knowing that as soon as you get on the train you can sit back, have a nice meal and even a glass of wine to get your holiday underway. However, driving can also have its plus points too.

If you live far away from the airport then if you get the train you will probably have to take a train that has a connection or two and this can be time consuming and in some cases quite stressful as you will have to move your luggage form one train to another.

If you factor into this that at some point you will encounter a delay in your train journey then this could spell disaster for you holiday as it might mean that you could miss your flight.

If you have children then taking your troop on holiday via the train can be a logistical nightmare as it will mean that you will have to organise your whole family with military precision to ensure that you all are on the train on time and that everyone is where they are supposed to be.

This is why you might like to take the car. Taking the car can you give you a huge sense of freedom as not only will you be able to get more luggage into the car (and save on the train fares) but you will be able to set off in your own time and if you live a long way from the airport you will also be able to break your journey at a nice little bed and breakfast somewhere! If you fancy taking the car next time you fly then have a look at and they will be able to help you get a good deal at most of the major UK airports. Make sure that you book your holiday parking at the same time as you book your flight as this will mean that you will have access to the best deals.

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