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2012 Guide to New York’s Airports

Statue of Liberty

Visiting airports can produce a multitude of emotions; rage at the constant delays or angry counter clerks, sadness when saying goodbye to a loved one, joy when greeting a returning loved one, boredom when enduring those said long delays and frustration when navigating the complex walkways to terminal destinations.

Take It Easy

Having an idea of the airports you will visit may ease the tension of unwarranted emotional overload. Be prepared to greet your soul mate with open arms and a smile on your face, feeling fresh and calm. Or arrive at your destination as though you have had a good night’s sleep. Feel more relaxed with our 2012 guide to New York’s airports.

The Big Apple

Are you visiting the Big Apple for business or pleasure? Whatever your reason for vacating to this part of the world, make sure that you have your final destination in mind so that you can pick the most suitable New York airport to arrive at. There is no point arriving at an airport that is going to cost you valuable time and money to get across the city to your chosen hotel.

Which Airport?

You have some choice when booking a trip to New York as there are a few airports you can land at. The more options, the more testing the decisions sometimes so make sure you firstly take into account which airport is the closest to your final destination.

Pros And Cons

If you are tempted by an airport because it has great deals on low cost airline prices, make sure to weigh up the pros and cons. You could have a great deal financially but then arrive to find yourself racking up a rather terrifying New York City cab bill in order to get to your final destination. Or, equally, you could get stuck in traffic and miss that all important reunion.

Leaving JFK Airport, NY


Research is essential; where is the airport situated in relation to your abode? Or what kind of connecting flights are available to other destinations? Does the airport have good facilities if you get stuck there?

The Big Three

There are three main airports in New York; La Guardia Airport, John F Kennedy Airport and Newark Airport. Together these three airports make up the biggest air traffic system in the US. New York is second in the world in regards to passenger thoroughfare. These three New York airports are essentially gateways to North America at large.

John F Kennedy Airport

JFK, as it is known for short, is the largest airport serving New York. This airport sees many arrivals and departures each day, and is used as a throughway to other parts of the US as well. There are over 90 airlines that frequent JFK airport, so it is easy to find a suitable flight to JFK regardless of your departure point. With it being such a large airport, it can be tricky to navigate and the queues at immigration are sometimes long. Like all American airports, JFK seems to take a lot longer to get in and out of than many other airports around the world. Bear this in mind when visiting New York, and bring with you bundles of patience and Zen.

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